The Summer Market.


I’m looking forward to The Summer Market in Avon Lake next weekend. Friday and Saturday, July 27-28, 2012, to be exact. There will be plenty of quality vendors offering up their wares from furniture to jewelry, fresh produce to home decor and more. And some great food courtesy of Sweet Melissa, Sweet Basil, Sweet! ( a mobile cupcakery), Fahrenheit, Woolson Concessions and Humble Pie Bakery make the event even more irresistible. Extras include live music and a photographer to help you capture the moment. Oh, and did I mention the park is at the water’s edge of Lake Erie? Get there!


Route 83 & Lake Road at Veterans Park, Avon Lake, OH

July 27: 5-9 pm

July 28: 9 am-4 pm


inspiration. (and cute clothes.)

i spotted a cute new “hard tail forever” outfit for sale at inner bliss yoga studio. i decided to check it out online at the hard tail site. that’s when i stumbled upon the photo album showing the images that hard tail uses in their current ad campaigns. (there are five pages of images, so be sure to click on them all.)

uh, here’s a new year’s resolution if you’re looking for one: health, fitness, strength, flexibility. and some cute new workout duds. sign me up!

gogo squeez got me.

i had just read a blurb in brand packaging magazine about the great new packaging of a great new product called gogo squeez. and then today,  i spotted it at nature’s bin! i knew that i had to take it home with me.

IMG_6367the outer packaging is a chipboard material decorated with the endearing illustrations of the apple and cinnamon contents. who knew what the feet of those two items looked like? heck, who knew apples and cinnamon even had feet? well, they do and i’m glad!

the peek-a-boo cut-out window that wraps from the top panel to the front IMG_6359reveals the four individual packs of applesauce on the go that are nestled inside. the individual packs are of the squeeze variety making for some fun interaction with one’s food. the twist-on cap keeps the experience neat and tidy (compared to a tear squeeze pouch), and allows one to enjoy applesauce now and save some for later.

there are so many occasions for which this product is ideal. let’s see: school lunches, work lunches, camping, backpacking, picnicking. and just because! one should never underestimate that final application. why not surround yourself with cute, smart, quality products? gogo squeez is improving the quality of my life and i’m loving it!

cutest neighbor award.

10717_1227932815475_1143708610_710140_6579915_nand the award goes to…

my little neighbor, of course! do they make them more perfect than this?

i am posting this to not only show off just how lucky i am to have such an adorable little neighbor friend but to also show proof of a baby’s love for satin trimmings.

i had read about this love affair between baby and ribbon but never quite appreciated it until i witnessed it. simply put, babies go crazy for satin ribbon! which is why these little blankets with satin ribbons–that i’ve dubbed “wonder woobies”–make the perfect baby toy.10717_1227933135483_1143708610_710148_8270170_n

i followed a pattern found in lotta jansdotter’s book simple sewing for baby. i produced mine out of japanese linen and the common ribbon that you might find at a jo-ann fabrics. little fish are the pattern on the ones pictured. i also made a few with a too-cute nesting doll pattern.

get one for a cute baby you know!

packaging gets me every time.

IMG00187IMG00188i’m a sucker for it. i am known to buy things i don’t need strictly due to the cute, fancy or special packaging it comes in.

for instance, i have a brand new jar of peanut butter in my cupboard. i didn’t need these individual serving packets. but, look at them! so small and just so darn cute. the little peanut illustration describing the variety. ooh, i could not resist. and the interactive aspect of the packet. just tear, squeeze and enjoy. and i do have to say that the peanut butter really is yummy. (you can pick some up at nature’s bin in lakewood.)

and then there is my fancy dish soap that i found at target. the fresh, yet vintage look of the bottle shape, label design and font choices. why am i so easy? i bought this when i didn’t even need soap. and the best part is that i end up dumping it into my four-year old, pump-equipped sun light bottle anyway. (the j.r. watkins stuff is upside down so i can get every last drop.)

so does the packaging make the stuff inside better? i think so. sure–there are times when even the best packaging in the world can’t save a sub-par product. but good packaging most certainly always helps enhance a product. and regardless, it got me to make the purchase, and isn’t that the point?

national sewing month is here.

Picture 1i gotta admit that i didn’t know there was a national sewing month or that it was september. but there is and it is! and it arrives in just a few days.

if you’re new to it or it’s just been awhile, bust out that thread and needle and make something or remake something. (maybe mend something. i’ve got a pile that needs attention!)

your local jo-ann has classes and all the supplies you’ll need!

shamelessly hocking my wares.

IMG_6295IMG_6296IMG_6299the salty not sweet indie craft show is right around the corner. there are a million and one reasons why you should go to this show. here are just a few:

1. if you love cleveland and/or your country, you will support its crafters. (why buy mass-produced products from china when you can get unique, handmade goods down the street?)

2. crafting is totally cool. did you not get the memo?

3. this isn’t your mama’s craft show. just like “salty not sweet” implies, this show has an edge.

4. you can meet the person who created what you are buying, maybe learn the story behind it.

5. meet like-minded people. maybe find the love of your life at salty not sweet! (disclaimer: i can’t make any promises on this one but it’s a nice thought.)


all of these cool crafters and more will be there:

candra squire

sara hoover (small screen designs)

psycho reindeer t-shirt company

andy hopp

b. radley

event details:

when: september 5th from 11-7

where: quirk cultural center in cuyahoga falls


sneak peek at my dog shirts, baby bloomers, burp-on-it burp cloths and wonder woobies with the satin ribbons that babies can’t get enough of.

time to represent the 216.

artmarked on my calendar are friday, june 26th, and saturday, june 27th. grab a pen now and mark them in yours too. you’ll be glad you did. now, here’s why!

on those two days listed, danielle deboe (owner of room service) is bringing us lucky clevelanders the third installment of her made in the 216 event. this one will be the largest by far and incorporate food and music. the event will be a “shopping celebration” as described by deboe and feature the creations of nearly 40 talented designers that have chosen to stay and build their businesses in cleveland. you’ll be amazed at what cleveland has to offer. come see for yourself.

event details

dates: saturday and sunday, june 26 and 27

time: 4-9 pm (friday) and 11-9 pm (saturday)


1) room service’s main location (6505 detroit avenue, cleveland, oh 44102)

2) two currently unoccupied spaces on the same block that RS will activate for the event

3) happy dog (band performances during the event hours and the after party spot both days starting at 9 pm)

4) soon-to-open capitol theatre (bands will perform under the marquee)

about the close to 40 cleveland-based designers

preview the works of a handful of the designers that will be represented at made in the 216 by clicking the links below.

a piece of cleveland

c.l.e. clothing co.

urban velo

genau custom design

super industrial love

red i jewelry

wrath arcane

red umbrella design

the bubble process


modern pixie

small screen designs

little korboose

about room service

room service is a lifestyle shop in the gordon square arts district within the detroit shoreway neighborhood. the shop offers a wide variety of items including home decorating items, furniture (modern and antique), stationery, apparel, jewelry, t-shirts, candles, books and even authentic german cuckoo clocks. deboe sources good design from around the world and brings it right into our backyards. her goal is to perpetuate and preserve good design by showing and offering a balance of old and new at approachable price points in an inspiring and delightful environment. this is the go-to spot for me when i am shopping for the perfect gift or want to pick up something for myself. i am sure to leave with items that will continue to delight me and that i won’t find at the local mall.

for more info



facebook (roomservice216)


calling all crafty clevelanders!


now’s your chance to sign up to sell your crafts at salty not sweet, an indie craft show coming up in september in cuyahoga falls. and for those non-crafters, mark the date so you can come shop, shop, shop.

location: quirk cultural center, cuyahoga falls
date: september 5, noon-8 pm
booth fee: $50
how to sign up: salty not sweet blog

vendors already locked in:
candra squire
jen dynes (prints)

get in on this opportunity now!