mindful eating.

mindful is probably a word we need to remember to put in front of most verbs these days. good examples would be mindful driving or mindful listening. but awareness is also a good thing when we’re talking about what you decide to put in your body.

this morning, i ran across a fun-to-read article on this topic that even includes some pretty simple recipes at the end and wanted to share: HOMEMADE CONDIMENTS: JUST LIKE GRANDMA MADE. i’m excited to try the homemade hummus recipe. i think i’ve finally hit a  point where i need to move on from trader joe’s hummus or at least take a break.

the article is on a new magazine’s site called shoestring: good for the wallet, good for the planet. it’s a cute, easy-to-navigate site with all kinds of thrifty and eco ideas. so check out the article. i’m off to explore the site some more!


the perfect dress.

this is my cry for help. i’m looking for the perfect dress to wear to a friend’s wedding. it’s a lovely couple that is getting married and my husband is even in the wedding so i want to be sure to look my best.

dresses have always been tricky for me. it’s tough to find one that nips in at the waist, out at the hips, hits the knee, and flatters on top. i always seem to qualify a few of those points but never all of them.

so, i have less than two weeks to pull this off. send me your suggestions. i’m looking for something cool, classic with a modern twist and at least semi comfortable. show me the way!

i can’t believe i’m blogging about deodorant.

but i am. and here’s why.

i love sharing news of a great product with other people. and deodorant is no exception.

i’ve been on a quest for a deodorant that wasn’t full of aluminum or other harsh chemicals. but i also wanted something that worked. that combination was not easy to find. i tried all kinds of natural deodorants including crystal stones, lavender roll-ons, unscented bars. each ended up creating a new strange and not so pleasant scent by mid-day or just did nothing at all leaving me…unprotected. (“unprotected” sounds like something from a cheesy deodorant commercial so i had to say it.)

i had almost given up and resorted back to my secret solid–chemicals and all. and then i decided to give natural deodorant one more shot–earth science liken plant herbal scent natural deodorant. (and it was on sale at heinen’s.)

and the verdict–it works! and the scent is a pleasing light citrus. plus it’s paraben-free and not tested on animals.

so go for it. it’s all of these little things we do for better health that really do add up.

cool clevelander 2010

if i had to vote for the coolest clevelander of 2010 it would be an easy vote for danielle deboe. google the girl and see for yourself. the list of her cool contributions to cleveland–from shop owner of Room Service to her unwaivering promotion of our city–could constitute an entire blog on its own. but what i will share with you in this post is her latest contribution–her participation at the TEDxCLE event. danielle charmingly shared her view on how one may go about “arriving at doing something”.

color your winter bright.

so sometimes it’s very small things that help us get through a dark time. ya know, a dark, dreary and COLD time like this winter.

and i’ve found one of those small things: a $5 bottle of nail polish from urban outfitters in a punchy purply pink that is the perfect pick-me-up. paired with dark clothing, this polish almost reads as a fluorescent. it’s very, shall we say, miami (pronounced mee-ah-mee).

and notice how cool the bottle is. very 80s meets 90s. and the cap is a matte texture which helps you keep a firm grip while you paint away.

so go crazy! get colorful! what else can you drop $5 on and enjoy so much!?

smaw things.

yep, small things. tiny things. little stuff. teeniny-ness. if you know me at all, you know that this is what i’m all about. in fact, i even invented a word to describe tiny, delicious, sometimes ridiculous things–smaw!

so here’s some smaw stuff that i made for you–irish pride dog tees. get one now so you have it well in advance of st. patty’s day. you can order at www.smawisgood.com.

four ingredients.

roasted brussel sprouts and shallots (ina garten’s recipe)

what you need:

brussel sprouts


olive oil

course salt

figure out the ratios of the above to your liking. then chop off the ends of the sprouts and discard the outer leaves. then half or quarter them depending on size. chop up your shallots into small strips. spread the brussel sprouts and shallots on a cookie sheet. (one with sides is best.) drizzle with olive oil and add your salt. toss. throw it in the oven at 400 degrees and roast for 25-35 minutes. pull the pan out once during that time and shake the ingredients around so they evenly cook.

and then enjoy. so yummy and so easy! not to mention, it’s a full serving of veggies, my friends!

what $14.14 gets you at goodwill.

i decided to hit up goodwill in avon lake today. uh, it was packed. it was insanity. apparently saturday is THE day to go to goodwill. i’m glad i faced the crowd though because i found a few gems. and i got them all for a grand total of $14.14.!

the bowls

i scored a set of two small bowls that are the perfect size for filling with a hearty helping of soup this winter. they are marked with “mancer” on the bottom. i tried to google this but couldn’t find much except that it is italian. the colors are great and i especially love the “drips” on the inside edges.

the plate

this is the mystery item i purchased. it is an approximately 9″ plate marked on the bottom with “the bailey-walker vitrified china 1929“. but that marking doesn’t explain the big “M” bannered with “OHIO” on the top of the plate. any ideas?

and a bassinet

after i purchased this, i texted my husband to inform him we were the proud owners of bassinet. i don’t think he believed me at first. but here’s the deal. this bassinet is in great shape and was only $6. and i’ve been looking for one to use at craft shows to display my lovely ruby alabama items. so, now i have one. and who knows–maybe it will come in handy some day for its real purpose.

9 more weeks ’til spring.

i read this on a sign yesterday.

9 isn’t a big number. but when it’s followed by “weeks”, it doesn’t seem so small either.

this ohio winter–what little we’ve seen so far–has been dark and dreary. i need a freakishly warm day with sunshine (and i’m not talking 39* with a hint of sun) so i can ditch the jacket and gloves and scarf and hat and run free, unencumbered by winter wear just like in this photo i found on deviantart.

so what are you doing to steer clear of the winter doldrums while we impatiently wait for spring? give me some tips! i need them.

my bag of wonders.

i liken myself to mary poppins in a few ways. i like to randomly break out into song. i enjoy a carousel ride now and again. and i also own a bag of wonders that reminds me a lot of mary poppins’ very special carpet bag.

my bag of wonders is my oversized, overstuffed purple purse. it is about the size of a carpet bag and has three compartments–one of which I don’t even use. i’m not really sure how my lifestyle warrants a bag this large. although, i somehow manage to fill the space. (it’s sort of like how a goldfish’s size depends upon the size of its tank.) but not only is my bag unnecessarily large, it also is magic.

and here’s the proof

i recently purchased a pair of black gloves. i wore them twice and was rather pleased with my purchase. and then one day, i wore them out and then stored them in my purse upon arrival at my destination. when it was time to leave, i pulled them back out only to discover that they were no longer of the same style. how does this happen? like i said–magic. (i really thought i had entered the twilight zone for a moment.) and then, the very next day, i was dressing to head out of the house again and found that my purse contained only one of the two gloves! the other one had disappeared.

am i a forgetful jones that loses her possessions regularly? no. really–i’m not! it’s the bag, people! hey, if mary poppins can pull coat trees out of her carpet bag, my purse can swap out and then lose my glove. and that’s my story and i’m sticking to it!